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What is Girl Talk?

Wisteria Webb Robinson.JPG

Wisteria Robinson, Entrepreneur

Tiana is such an awesome woman of God and her leadership as the founder is Girl Talk is exemplary! She not only gives insight and encouragement, but challenges us to be accountable as good stewards  of our time and the goals we want to achieve! I'm grateful and honored to be a part of the group and look forward to the great things that Coach Ti will teach us!

Jamie Dawson-Guthrie.JPG

Jaime Dawson Guthrie, Educator

I had the HONOR of watching my "sister" Tiana Sherell shine at her Girl Talk Chew and Chat and let me tell you I'm still feeling all the emotions this morning. I walked in only knowing Tiana and her mother who I won't tell you how long it's been since I've seen and the love and positivity I felt was almost instant. We often don't go out of our comfort zones and as Tiana talked about we self sabotage. I have always been that girl that does what I feel in my heart I surround myself most often with people who lift me up and I can tell you I met some amazing, strong and special women last night. She had us do an ice breaker which brought us even more together. I highly encourage you to check out next months event , we listened, we shared, we laughed and supported women owned businesses which I highly recommend you check out. Sometimes we go off in other directions but we find one another again. She got me yesterday my girl made me cry I love ya girl keep doing your thing like I said I'm forever blessed to have you in my life you inspire me! 

Erika K. Bogan.jpg

Erika Bogan, Firefighter

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I attended my first Girl Talk Session back in November 2021 but was very pleasantly surprised, a lot of times when you have a room full of women who are strangers to each other and you're trying to create a safe space for open dialogue, no one really bites but that wasn't the case with the Girl Talk experience that I had, so many women opened up and shared so many heart heavy things (including me) that had happened in their lives, everyone was SO very encouraging and uplifting, I left that experience feeling much lighter than when I went in and have attended another session since then. We as women hold unmatched power when we get together to reach common goals; if you've never attended or are even curious, I highly recommend catching a session & luxuriating in some soul nurturing content, a lot of times we never know that something like this is "just what we needed" until we're there. I've heard it said - and I believe wholeheartedly - that self-love is the best love so book a session and love on yourself for a bit, you deserve it! Xoxo

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