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Life With Tiana Coaching Services is a Boutique Coaching Agency that was created specifically with you in mind. I understand no two clients are the same so my goal as your coach is to provide you with a customized program that would best fit your needs which increases your chances of successfully completing the program. I will provide you with a safe space & the necessary tools needed to identify, awaken & execute your purpose. 

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Christian coaching

We will create your customized plan using Biblical principles to help you bring alignment to your life.

Personal Development coaching 

We will create a customized plan to help you achieve your specific goals.

Women's empowerment coaching

I will help you identify your strengths & how to utilize them. Together we will help you reach your maximum potential.

Life coaching

Whether you just need a gentle push, an accountability partner, or a cheerleader we will create a plan to help get on track. 

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Shanell Jefferson, Entrepreneur

Tiana has been coaching before she even had the title “ Life Coach”. They say life is a teacher and her life alone most certainly is. She’s walked me through some things just as being my big sister. I know now with skills and training she’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

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Brandon H. Evans, Prophet

I wasn’t living out my purpose because of fear and uncertain of what my next looked like. Coach Ti assured me that if I didn’t self sabotage myself and take the leap of faith, I would be surprised at the unlimited possibilities that could come from it. As a result I started an online bible study and started building a social media presence, as a result of this one of my videos went viral. Coach Ti gives practical tips coupled with biblical principles that not only give you the freedom to be the best version of you but gives you a better understanding of what God is calling you to! I highly recommend her services, you certainly won’t be disappointed I know I’m not! 

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Dr. Tajhma Burroughs

I tend to stay away from Empowerment Brunches or Women’s/Ladies’ Day events…it has never been my thing simply because it doesn’t feel genuine, or safe. Well, I was always intrigued by the topics and marketing for Girl Talk. I attended the Fall 2021 session and within moments of the start of the session, I felt it was different. I was comfortable. I was safe. It was/is a space that was shared with some of the most genuine, positive energy women who pray on, strengthen, nurture, and build with one another.

Do yourself a favor and attend the next one…you will laugh, cry, smile until your cheeks hurt, nod your head in agreement and most importantly you will leave lighter, better, and stronger than you came. This world is heavy enough, love on yourself and others who may need it to make it a bit easier.

Coach Tiana, thank you for walking in your purpose and giving the people what they don’t know they need!!

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