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Courage: The Response to Hello World I'm A Survivor

Courage-mental or moral strength to venture (to expose hazard) persevere, & withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

As I began to read the responses to yesterday’s blog Hello World..I’m A SURVIVOR I must admit I am a bit speechless & overwhelmed. I never imagined by sharing a portion of my testimony it would ignite such a spark with my readers. As I read story after story of those that had been sexually abused it caused me to cry. I knew I wasn’t the only one that had been molested but hearing it from others that understand your torment makes you emotional.

I was surprised that almost all of the readers that shared their stories, said they never told anyone because they were afraid. I began to think back to my own situation. I never told ANYONE what happened to me. I vowed to take that secret to my grave but God had other plans. I was sitting in bible study at my dad’s church & we were on the topic of molestation for weeks. Each week I felt more & more uncomfortable & more convicted. I decided to finally tell my parents. I decided to call my mom & tell her (so she could tell my dad) she was devastated & I could hear in her tone she felt as if she failed me. I assured her it wasn’t her fault. I wanted my parents to know so I could move forward with my life. At almost 24 or 25 years old that was the scariest phone call I ever made.

Part of me was relieved but the other part of me was embarrassed & ashamed. Which helps me understand why my readers are afraid to come forward. But I want to let you know if the devil can keep you silent he wins. Once he wins that battle in your mind it’s easy for him to take control of you.

Your abuser may never acknowledge or apologize for what he or she has done to you (mine hasn’t), but you have to purpose in your mind & your heart you want to be free. No more being held hostage to your past.

I pray God gives you the courage & boldness to speak up & speak out. Just as you had the courage to share with me. I pray he gives you the courage to share with others. God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power love & of a sound mind. Xoxoxo

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