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New Year Same You? The Power of Reset

Happy New Year Ladies & Gents! I figured I’d give us all some time to settle into the New Year before I checked in with everyone. I hope your new year is starting off pretty amazing (if not we still have 11 more months for a turnaround *inserts ginormous smiley face emoji).

Any who….Every year as the current year comes to a close, we see all the declarations of new year new me, I’m cutting some folks off in the new year, I’m getting back on my diet, I’m going back to the gym, I’m working on my finances & the list goes on. I must admit I have been guilty of making some of those same statements until I learned the power of reset. Some of you are probably thinking what are you talking about? But I promise you this will all make sense, just keep reading. J

One of the definitions for the word power is legal or official authority, capacity, or right. Reset is to set again or differently. So now that we know what the words power & reset mean consider this…everyday we open our eyes we are given the opportunity for a fresh start which gives us the Power of Reset. A portion of Psalm 68:19 says “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits…” Part of those benefits includes a do-over from the day before. How exciting is that to know you have the opportunity to start fresh?

When we start to look at everyday as the opportunity to reset we will be more successful in attaining our goals. Studies say it takes approximately 66 days for something to become a habit. However there is always an exception to the rule. Our ability to change is determined on a few things: 1. our willingness to work on our goals, which includes having a plan of action 2. having God’s help 3. having people that will help hold us accountable to these goals. But for many of us that lack discipline to cold turkey become the new year new me, we are still finding ourselves in a new year same me kind of of state.

Even with exercising the power of reset there are still days I miss the mark. For instance everyday I start out with the best intentions to save money. I say I’m not going to Starbucks today but yet I find myself pulling up my mobile app to order & my truck seems to drive herself into the drive thru on my way to work. And I always remind myself I gave up coffee once before, but then I’m asking myself why I went back to drinking it again. And guess what I only drink it Monday thru Friday when I’m at work. I have no desire for it on the weekends which means if I really exercised the Power of Reset I’d be off my Starbucks addiction all together (again, it’s sad I know). I start out with the best intentions on saving money but there I am purchasing snacks, eating out or buying other unnecessary things.

3 weeks ago I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, girl get it together & really exercise will power & get your finances in order so you can take that money you spend on foolishness & put it towards savings & funding some of these projects you need to complete. AND I am happy to report I have been making my own coffee at work & bringing my own breakfast, which is saving me approximately $50 week. I have also been bringing my own lunch, which also saves me another $25/week. It seems like such a small amount (& a small victory) but in a month that’s $300. By the end of the year if I stick with it I can save $3600. I can now take that money & place it in my investment accounts, which I am unable to withdraw funds from until it reaches a certain amount (which it has but I haven’t withdrawn any funds from it). Yay me!

We don’t develop bad habits overnight so we shouldn’t expect them to be gone overnight, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to wait until the new year to try to correct our bad behaviors. Perhaps you missed the mark today but it doesn’t mean you need to quit until next year, it simply means you take advantage of the power of reset & start fresh. Everyday will not be easy so it is essential you have patience. You will mess up sometimes but press reset & start over. It takes time to change bad behaviors so stick with it; you will find that your New Year’s goals will be different.

I always tell my mentees to keep a journal & write EVERYTHING in it..the GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY! I also recommend they read what they wrote whether it’s daily, every other day, once a week, or once a month. In writing it down it does the following:

  1. It gives an outlet to release all of the feelings we would otherwise internalize. You will also find you’re less stressed because you’re not carrying around all of those emotions.

  2. It allows us the opportunity to express what’s on our hearts privately without feeling judged by others or feeling our goals & desires are irrelevant.

  3. It helps us develop a plan to attain the goals we have set.

  4. It gives us an honest assessment of where we are with our goals. It helps us to identify our successes & learn to celebrate them, in addition to identifying our shortcomings & exercising the power of reset immediately.

  5. It helps us realize what our triggers are & how to avoid & correct them.

  6. It makes us excited to see we have attained a goal & recognize when it’s time to set new ones.

  7. Although our journals are private they help keep us accountable to ourselves.

  8. Our experiences can help inspire others that may be facing the same thing.

Attaining a New Year New You is no easy task. Like anything else in life it requires work. Your progress depends on the work you are willing to put in. If you like to procrastinate & only like to set goals at the end of the year & have no active plan to attain this goals you will always find yourself in this vicious cycle of New Year Same You. Take this moment & this opportunity to exercise the Power of Reset! Right now is your moment for a do-over. #TimeToReset

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