Fun House Mirrors: Is that Really Me I See? The Battle of Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is a very real and a very serious issue I know all too well. Looking in the mirror and feeling inadequate is more than just an external feeling, it’s a feeling that starts internally and begins to manifest itself outwardly. When looking in the mirror, it gives you the same distorted view of yourself like looking in the mirrors at a fun house. The cause of low self-esteem may be different for everyone. For some it’s because perhaps they grew up poor and didn’t have all the latest and most trendy clothes as their peers, perhaps you were overweight and the other kids made fun of you, maybe you were bi-racial and you had trouble being accepted by either race, or perhaps you may have been raised in the church and the other kids referred to you as a church kid so they isolated you. In my case I grew up extremely thin and taller than most of the other girls my age so I was referred to as Olive Oil. I